Peak Fifteen specialises in the placement of executives from Associate level through to Partners. Our track record spans London, Paris, New York and Hong Kong.


Our coverage splits into two prime areas;


Hedge Funds & Alternative Asset Managers


  • Portfolio Managers - Equity Linked (Fundamental & Quantitative)
  • Portfolio Managers - Multi Asset Quantitative
  • Research Analysts - Equity Linked (Fundamental & Quantitative)
  • Research Analysts - Multi Asset Quantitative
  • Capital Raising & Investor Relations


Capital Markets


  • Delta 1 Trading (Forwards, Index Arbitrage, ETFs, Swaps, Futures)
  • Exotic Equity Trading & Structuring (Index & Single Name)
  • Equity Volatility Trading (Index & Single Name)
  • Hybrids Trading
  • Fund Linked Derivatives Trading & Structuring

Recent Track Record:

Head of EMEA Equity Linked Trading - Canadian Investment Bank


Head of North American Index Forwards Trading - US Investment Bank


Head of Delta 1 Trading, Asia - European Investment Bank


Proprietary Trader, Delta 1 - UK Investment Bank


Index Arbitrage Trader, Europe - US Investment Bank


Middle Eastern Sales - Global Tier 1 Asset Manager


Debt Fund Management Director & Analyst, European Alternative Asset Manager


Sales Director, Netherlands - European Alternative Asset Manager



COO - UK Quantitative Hedge Fund


Quantitative Trader, High Frequency Interest Rates - European Market Maker


Quantitative Trader, Mid Frequency Equities - Global Hedge Fund


Single Name Forward Trader - US investment Bank


Quantitative Trader, High Frequency Delta 1 - US Investment Bank


Head of Web Technology - UK Quantitative Hedge Fund


ETF & Sector Swaps Trader - US Investment Bank

Head of Northern European Sales - Global Tier 1 Asset Manager


Senior Investor Relations - UK Quantitative Hedge Fund


Head of LatAm Sales, Structured Equity - US Investment Bank


US Structured Product Sales - European Investment Bank


Equity Derivatives Sales, US Pensions - US investment Bank


Quantitative FX Portfolio Manager & Team, UK Quantitative Hedge Fund


Sales Director, UK - Global Asset Manager



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