Peak Fifteen is an Executive Search firm established in 2010 with a focus on Financial Markets Globally. Specifically, we focus on placing investment and sales professionals within Hedge Funds and Investment Banks.


We have built our business around providing solid research and analysis for long term clients within our specialist areas. We also offer our clients a number of related services such as competitor profiling, competitor market mapping and capital introduction for start up or established hedge funds.




The Name

Peak Fifteen (or Peak XV for purists) was the original name given to the mountain that later became known as Everest. It was labelled Peak XV by the Great Trigonometric Survey of British India, several years before it was established to be the highest mountain in the world. This for us is an analogy of what executive search is all about; identifying the best before everyone else does.



Specialist Areas:

Hedge Funds & Alternative Asset Managers


  • Portfolio Managers - Equity Linked (Fundamental & Quantitative)
  • Portfolio Managers - Multi Asset Quantitative
  • Research Analysts - Equity Linked (Fundamental & Quantitative)
  • Research Analysts - Multi Asset Quantitative
  • Capital Introduction / Seeding
  • Capital Raising & Investor Relations - All Strategies


Capital Markets


  • Delta 1 Trading (Forward Trading, Index Arbitrage, ETF, Sector Swaps)
  • Exotic Equity Trading & Structuring (Index & Single Name)
  • Volatility Trading (Index & Single Name)
  • Hybrids Trading
  • Fund Linked Derivatives Trading & Structuring

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